A little about Bert..

We are Andrew and Gemma and this blog is to follow the life we live with our beloved kombi Bert. He is a 1967 split window deluxe and is our dream come true, he is going to open our lives to so much happiness.

Sunday, 24 February 2013


We didn't have accommodation organised for the weekend, so we stayed at one of Byron's caravan parks so Bert could stay undercover while it rained and the lady assured us he would be okay while we headed into town.

 On the way into town, we found this awesome Sailor Jerry promo van. We wanted to hook it up on the back of Bert. This must have put us in the mood, we enjoyed plenty Sailor Jerry's that night.. www.nakedinthenight.com.au

It rained and rained on Saturday night, at one stage we thought there was a plane landing next to the house and it was going to blow the roof off. In the morning the plants were loving the water, Andrew took this stunning photos.. and I have done one thing to them (no filter)

We just never drove in the rain..

We thought it was only necessary to take Bert for a drive to Byron, it rain most of the time but here are a few pictures of us along the way.

One of the only pieces of advice we were given, was because you can open Bert's front windows they can never completely be sealed. So the water found its way in. He is 46 years old after all. 

Byron Bay light house.
Each Saturday they open up the top deck and the views were amazing, one of our favourite places to visit.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Welcome to Queensland Bert.

There are two people we would like to mention early in this post and that is Bert's previous owners Phil and Karen Mizzi, it was a pleasure meeting both of them and Friday afternoon they carried Bert up from Sydney and dropped him on our door step. There was a funny story on the way where a bus driver stopped on busy Pennet Hills Road in peak hour traffic to check Bert out... we can only hope he has the same affect of queenslanders. 

It was a busy weekend with visitor after visitor coming to have a sticky. It didn't take very long before Bert had his first photo shoot, he helped out on Sunday for label Naked in the Night www.nakedinthenight.com.au check out the online store and support local talent its better than what the shops have to offer.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Adventure Begins

Bert has been on our mind for a number of weeks by this time so last weekend we took a road trip from Ipswich Qld down to Sydney to meet him for the very first time. We loved him.